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How To Get the Most Out Of Your Child's Savings Account


One of the first experiences many children have with saving money comes in the form of a Piggy Bank. It's where your child stashes quarters from the Tooth Fairy, birthday money from grandparents, or money saved for a shopping spree at the toy store. Starting with a Piggy Bank is a manageable way for kids to learn about saving up for important goals. But what the Piggy Bank offers in charm, it...Read More

Construction Update for New McCandless Location


Update (August 2017): Our new location is now open! Come visit us at 8700 Perry Highway! The development of our newest location is underway! Our McCandless bank branch is anticipated to begin serving the North Hills community in late summer or early fall of 2017.The North Hills branch will have all the amenities of a modern bank, including a two-car drive-through with an ATM for easy and...Read More

The Benefits of SSB Bank


Update (August 2017): Our new location is now open! Come visit us at 8700 Perry Highway!The video below explains why SSB Bank is an exceptional choice among banks in the Pittsburgh region. Our Northside location has been open since 1922, and we are proud to share that developments are underway for a McCandless, North Hills location. SSB Bank continues to offer powerful new banking services and...Read More

Playing Our Part in the Community


It all started in 1922 in the basement of the former St. Gabriel Archangel Church on California Avenue. Eight community members came together to establish a community-oriented local bank with a commitment to its neighbors and neighborhood.For almost a hundred years, SSB Bank has maintained that same dedication to helping our neighbors thrive. We have helped countless North Side community members...Read More