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SSB Bank Completes Mutual Holding Company Reorganization


SSB Bank announced today that it completed its mutual holding company reorganization, and its holding company, SSB Bancorp, Inc., completed its related common stock offering, after the close of business on January 24, 2018. As a result of the reorganization and stock offering, SSB Bank is now the wholly-owned, stock savings bank subsidiary of SSB Bancorp, Inc., and SSB Bancorp, Inc. is the 55%...Read More

SSB Bank Gets Approval for Structural Change


2017 was an exciting year for SSB Bank! Not only did we open the new McCandless branch, but we also officially designated it as the Main office of SSB Bank. As part of our commitment to growing and better serving our customers, we are also pleased to announce the following potential items for 2018.In November and December, our eligible voting depositors were invited to cast votes regarding our...Read More

Saving For Your 2018 Vacation


Is this the year you take an exotic dream vacation? Or do you just want to have a great stay-cation in a city near you? Regardless of your plans for this summer, you can save up enough money to enjoy yourself if you start saving now!The below chart is based on the assumption that you're planning a summer getaway, which gives you about 6 months of savings time. Use the chart to figure out how much...Read More

Your 2018 Financial Goals


Give yourself a head-start in 2018. These financial resolutions will help you get on top of your financial goals. Pick one or two that are most appropriate for your current financial situation. Write out a budget and track spending each month. Vow to track your budget and spending in writing, and to adjust based on the previous month's performance. Seeing your spending in writing will...Read More

Your Banking Questions - Answered!


At SSB, we're dedicated to making sure our clients are educated and empowered by their banking experience. Below, we've compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we hear. What does FDIC mean?Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is a United States government corporation providing deposit insurance to depositors in US banks. The FDIC was created in 1933 to restore trust...Read More

2018 Holiday for 2


Join the club - the Holiday Club! Holiday Club is a seasonal passbook account in which customers can earn a high rate of interest for funds intended to be used for the Holiday Season.Stop in to either of our branches to take advantage of this amazing special!2018 Holiday for 2 (2.00% Annual Percentage Yield... that is!)$100 minimum balance to receive disclosed APY.Fixed interest rate.Maximum...Read More

How To Protect Your Identity (Online and Off)


Knowing how to protect your identity is critical. Identity theft is when someone uses another's personal information (such as their name, Social Security number, or credit card number).If you have seen evidence of identity theft - such as bank account activity you can't explain, or bills or emails for debts that you don’t recognize -contact your bank, credit card company, and the police. Then...Read More

How Much Money Can You Trick Yourself Into Saving?


Money in a checking account generally does not gain much interest, if any; it's there to pay for things like groceries and utilities. However, money in a money market or savings account earns you more money over time by accruing interest! You can use your savings account to build funds for short-term goals (like new furniture) or long term goals (like a house, or retirement). And yet, many of us...Read More

Comparing Personal Checking Accounts (and finding the right one)


Opening a checking account is one of the first steps on the road to financial responsibility. But how do you know which personal checking account is the right choice for you? Here are a few points to consider when comparing personal checking accounts.Are there any fees?SSB Bank's personal checking accounts have no fees. Ever. No minimum balance fees. No account maintenance fees. No "just because"...Read More

What Should You Do After a Data Breach?


In light of recent news about data breaches, SSB Bank feels it is important for our customers to understand what they should do to protect their finances. These tips are useful if your information is involved in any kind of breach or hack. Understand what happened.If you suspect you may have been involved in a data breach, know that different types of breaches require different response...Read More

No ATM Fees with SSB Bank


Some banks think you should have to pay money to get your money. We don't.ATM fees are out of control. Bloomberg reports that for the 11th year in a row, bank ATM fees have increased for customers using out-of-network machines. In fact, fees have increased 55 percent over the past decade.According to Bloomberg, "Pittsburgh experienced the highest average fees, with customers paying $5.19 when...Read More

Greater Pittsburgh Community Media Awards


Pittsburgh Community Television (PCTV) presents its First Annual Greater Pittsburgh Community Media Awards gala. This event is sponsored by SSB Bank.This first-of-its-kind ceremony will celebrate community media producers at PCTV, Moon Community Access (MCA), Bethel Park Public Access (BPTV), and the City of Pittsburgh’s Cable Bureau.Join us October 19th from 7 to 9 PM at Alloy26 at Nova Place....Read More

McCandless Branch Grand Opening Recap


On the beautiful, sunny morning of September 9, 2017, SSB Bank celebrated the Grand Opening of our new McCandless branch.After two years of planning, the opening of our 8700 Perry Highway branch symbolizes our expansion in Pittsburgh. We are thrilled to now serve the North Hills community, while still providing exceptional local banking services at our North Side location.We marked the occasion by...Read More

Staying On Top of Your Monthly Bills


Paying monthly bills is much less stressful if you keep them as organized and automated as possible. Below are some tips to help you stay in control of your household bills and statements. Plus, read through to the end for free tools from SSB to help make bill-paying even easier. Designate an "important mail" basket.When you come home from work, grab your mail and immediately sort it. Put junk...Read More

Grand Opening Celebration for McCandless Location


SSB Bank will be holding a Grand Opening Celebration for our new headquarters at 8700 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, on Saturday, September 9th, from 9AM to 12PM.We will have food trucks and entertainment for the whole family!We will also be offering CD special for one day only.Look out for our ad in the Post Gazette, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information about the...Read More