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Personal Loans & Lines

To make your dreams come true, sometimes you need a little assistance. Whether you’re looking to purchase a vehicle, become a homeowner, or simply lower your monthly payments, we have the lending solutions to support you.


Our consumer loan products provide customers a local, flexible and hands on experience that cannot be found elsewhere. At SSB Bank, we are able to provide quick decision making on loans, making the process less of a headache for you. Additionally, we do our best to provide the most competitive products and rates to our customers, because we understand what a huge decision this can be. We want you to know that when you decide to work with us for your lending needs, you are going to receive quality care and support and the best products in the business.

Consumer Loan Products

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Lines of Credit

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Lines of Credit

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Whether you are looking to complete a necessary repair or have a personal need, we have fixed and variable rate options available. Where our Home Equity Loans tap into your home's equity and provide you a fixed rate, our Home Equity Lines of Credit use the equity in your home to provide you the ability to use funds for personal use at a variable rate.From debt consolidation to finishing a home project, our loans and lines of credit provide flexibility to meet your individual needs.  Receive up to $15,000 for your personal needs through either an unsecured loan or line of credit.
We are here to help you finance the purchase of a new or used automobile, or even refinance your existing auto loan, with our low and competitive rates. You can purchase your automobile through a dealership or private seller, no problem.
A relatively new product we offer is our Visa Platinum Credit Card. With extremely competitive rates on balance transfers and purchases, our credit card is the perfect product for your personal needs. Check out our limited time promotional offer on balance transfers and let us help you consolidate your debt.


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We'll make you feel at home from start to finish. Whether you're financing your first house, an investment property, or the home of your dreams, our goal is to make this huge investment a less scary (and overwhelming) time for you. With SSB Bank, we are committed to providing competitive interest rates and a personal, hands on experience from the first time you walk through our doors to inquire about a mortgage with us. As a small, local bank, we are nimble and able to make quick decisions, making the process less cumbersome for you. We also have a variety of mortgage products that make just about any home project doable.

Mortgage and Finance Options

Purchase Mortgage Loans

Refinance Mortgage Loans

Construction Financing

Rehab Financing

Purchase the home of your dreams with up to 97% financing.Lower your current interest rate or take cash out with a refinance.Build your new home with up to 95% financing.Great for a home purchase and renovation or for the renovation of your existing home. 


FHLBank First Front Door Grants

The First Front Door (FFD) Program, offered through FHLBank, can help qualified first-time home buyers with closing costs and down payment. For every $1 you contribute, FFD will provide $3 in assistance, up to $5,000.

First Front Door is offered by members of FHLBank Pittsburgh, including SSB Bank. There are specific qualifications including:

  • Be a first time home buyer
  • Have a household income at or below 80 percent of the area median income at the time of enrollment
  • Retain the home for five years from the loan closing date
  • Not be a student working less than 30 hours per week
  • Contribute personal funds as part of the down payment and closing costs

For a full list of details regarding qualifications, please visit the FFD website.

SSB is no longer accepting requests for First Front Door funding. The next round of requests will be open March 2022. 

Housing Opportunity Fund's Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Program (DPCCAP)

The Housing Opportunity Fund's DPCCAP provides financing to first-time home buyers in the City of Pittsburgh. It is designed to help stimulate housing investment in the City by providing financial assistance to first-time home buyers who are interested in purchasing an existing or newly constructed residential unit.

There are a variety of loan and repayment options available through DPCCAP including 5-year and 10-year deferred loans. 

In order to be eligible for DPCCAP, borrows must meet the following criteria:

  • The borrower's annual gross household income may not exceed 115% of the AMI.
  • The borrower must be purchasing the home as his/her primary residence and have his/her name on the deed.
  • The borrower must not have any outstanding City, School, or County real estate taxes, or the borrower must be on a payment plan for at least six months.

Specific eligibility criteria related to borrowers and properties can be found on the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh's website.

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We're ready to help. Contact our loan officers today, call or stop in, for more information about our lending products and services. We will provide you guidance on what is best and how SSB Bank can help you.


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