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SSB Bank News & Updates


2024 Independence Day Event at SSB Bank


Thank you for joining us for our Independence Day Par-Tea!July 3, 10 A.M. - 3 P.M., McCandless BranchIt was great to see some existing customers and a lot of new faces at our Independence Day event. Attendees played games, had great food and took advantage of some of the year's best banking specials.We hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!Event Highlights:Catering was by Redeye...

America's Finest: Honoring Our Law Enforcement


Day in and day out, Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to keep our neighborhoods safe, responding to emergencies, investigating crimes, and apprehending those who seek to harm others. Their selfless dedication and sacrifice embody the highest ideals of service and duty. Today, we come together to express our deepest gratitude to America's Finest: our Law enforcement...

America's Finest:  Honoring Our First Responders and Military Personnel


In times of crisis and conflict, they are the fearless guardians of our safety, the dedicated individuals who put their lives on the line to protect and serve our communities. They are the first responders and military personnel, the unsung heroes who embody courage, sacrifice, and unwavering commitment. We come together to express our deepest gratitude to America's Finest: our first responders...

Happy Retirement, Pam!


In our bustling McCandless branch, Pam has been more than just a teller. She’s been a source of warmth and the brightest light on the teller line. Pam joined the SSB team in 2021 after over a decade of service in the banking industry. Everyone on our team and bank customers loved working with her. As she begins her well-deserved retirement journey, we can’t help but reflect on the impact she's had...

America's Finest - Active Duty


In every corner of the globe, they stand ready to defend our freedoms, uphold our values, and protect our way of life. They are the Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard service members, the brave men and women who answer the call to serve our Nation with unwavering dedication and sacrifice. We come together to express our deepest gratitude to America's Finest: our service members.Today, as we...

America's Finest:  Recognizing Corrections Officers


They are the silent guardians, the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to maintain safety and order within our correctional facilities. They are the corrections officers, the unsung heroes who face daunting challenges with courage and resolve every day. Today, we take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to America's Finest: our corrections officers.Within the walls of our prisons and...

America's Finest:  Honoring Our Emergency Dispatchers


In moments of crisis, they are the calm voices on the other end of the line working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure help arrives swiftly. They are the emergency dispatchers, the dedicated individuals who play a crucial role in keeping our communities safe. Today, we extend our deepest gratitude to America's finest: our emergency dispatchers.These remarkable men and women are the first point...

America's Finest: Honoring Our Veterans


Our veterans; the brave men and women who have served our country with honor and distinction. We come together to express our deepest gratitude to America's finest: our veterans.Our veterans have endured hardships and made sacrifices that many of us can only imagine, all in the name of defending the freedoms we hold dear. Their courage in the face of adversity and their commitment to serving a...

America's Finest: Honoring Our Emergency Medical Services Heroes


In moments of crisis, they are the people we rely on, the brave individuals who rush to our aid with unwavering dedication; Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who serve in this line of work. Every day, these brave individuals are on the front lines, providing vital medical care to those in need. They navigate through chaos with a calm...

America's Finest: A Tribute to Our Firefighters


In times of crisis, they are the heros, the brave souls who run toward danger while others flee. They are the backbone of our communities, the guardians of our safety, and the unsung heroes who often go unnoticed. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on America's finest: our firefighters.Every day, these courageous men and women put their lives on the line to protect us from harm. They face...

5 Reasons to Choose a Community Bank for Your Mortgage  


5 Reasons to Choose a Community Bank for Your MortgageChoosing the right lender for your mortgage is a crucial decision that can have a lasting impact on your homeownership experience. While national banks may be a tempting option with flashy deals and catchy slogans, there's a compelling case for considering a community bank for your mortgage needs.Community banks, like SSB, are local financial...

SSB Bank Proudly Sponsors Boy Scouts of America Troop 83's Annual Craft Show


At SSB Bank, we take great pride in being an active part of our McCandless and North Side communities. We’re committed to supporting community events and organizations that make a positive impact. Recently, we had the pleasure of sponsoring the Boy Scouts of America Troop 83's annual Craft and Vendor Show, an event that truly embodies the spirit of community and creativity. The Boy Scouts of...

Good Luck In Retirement, Margie!  


After a 28-year career in the banking industry, Margie Glassbrenner, SSB’s Vice President of Retail Banking, stepped into a well-earned retirement. A true Yinzer at heart, Margie has been a cornerstone of SSB Bank since 2005.Margie's career in the banking world has been marked by her dedication, exceptional skills, and the ability to make a genuine difference in the lives of her clients and...

You’re Invited: Shred Paper For Free & Receive Exclusive Banking Offers


You’re invited to shred your household documents for free!*Join us on Saturday, October 21 from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M. (McCandless location) to shred paper for FREE! This is our first annual shredding event and is open to everyone.On Saturday, we’ll be joined by a Shred-It truck to help you shred all of your sensitive documents! Just swing by our McCandless branch with your papers, and we’ll handle the...

Holy Cross Academy Fun Run Sponsorship


On Thursday, May 4, 2023, SSB was a Gold Sleeve Sponsor for the 2023 Holy Cross Academy’s Fun Run. This event is one of its signature fundraisers for the 2022 to 2023 school year.Over 300 students, teachers, staff, and parents participated in the event to raise the necessary funds to continue building a strong foundation for students through collaboration between children, families, and our North...