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SSB Bank News & Updates


SSB Bank Partners with FHLB on Grant Supporting Behavioral Health Services


As an active member of FHLBank of Pittsburgh, we do our best to maximize our partnership not only through our lending efforts, but by finding ways to work together through their community product offerings. One product we are proud to support this year, in addition to First Front Door, is the Home4Good Grant program.Home4Good is a unique partnership between FHLBank Pittsburgh and the state housing...Read More

QuickBooks Live September 23, 2019


Following our recent conversion, there was an issue with the transition of QuickBooks to our new system. As a result, customers utilizing the QuickBooks program were unable to access their SSB account information.Beginning on Monday, September 23, Quickbooks and Quicken will be live for our customers:Quicken Direct Connect and Web Connect + QuickBooks Web Connect and QuickBooks Direct Connect...Read More

What is the Difference Between a Credit Card and a Debit Card?


Credit vs. debit is an age-old debate. Which is better? Do I need both? You may wonder if there are advantages to one over the other, or on a more basic level, what the biggest differences are between the two. There are definitely unique advantages (and some downfalls) to both types of plastic that may come into play depending on your financial situation and your spending habits. We're here to...Read More

What are the Advantages to Having a Credit Card?


With all of the credit card companies and banks offering credit cards to customers, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages to owning (and using) a credit card. There are many advantages to having a credit card in your wallet, but make sure to weigh your options and settle on a card that will provide you the most "bank for your buck".Whether it is the perks or the interest...Read More

Humans of SSB: The New Hazlett Theater


Pittsburgh is a town full of rich history that can still be seen through the various revitalized buildings and businesses that remain prominent throughout the city. The New Hazlett Theater in the Northside is a prime example of this through its successful reinvention over the years. From its original assembly in 1889, The New Hazlett Theater, originally known as the Carnegie Music Hall, has...Read More

How Does The Equifax Settlement Impact Me?


As many people know, Equifax was hit with a data breach in 2017, impacting upwards of 147 million Americans. This past week, Equifax settled for up to $700 million with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over that data breach. That settlement includes as much as $425 million for individual compensation, considering the amount of names, addresses, birthdates and Social Security numbers that were...Read More

SSB Partners with Variety to Give Back in a Big Way


Last year, SSB Bank learned about Variety- The Children's Charity and their mission for helping kids, be kids. Variety enables children with disabilities to live life to the fullest with a focus on mobility, communication, and social inclusion through their three programs: My Bike, My Stroller and My Voice. SSB Bank partnered with Variety last year to provide a local girl with a recumbent bike,...Read More

First Time Homebuyer FAQs


There are so many questions that come up during the home-buying process, how do you know where to begin? We have compiled a list of the most relevant and frequently asked questions that First Time Homebuyers are asking and we are providing some insider details. When should I start looking into owning a home rather than renting?The biggest factor to take in consideration when weighing your options...Read More

SSB Bank Now Offering Apple, Samsung, and Google Pay


SSB Bank is now officially offering Apple, Samsung and Google Pay for it's customers. Paying in stores or within apps has never been easier, safer, or more private. Regardless of your device, we have the ability to offer you access to the digital wallet option that meets your needs. We offer flexibility in all of the products we offer, so why not have the same availability with such a convenient...Read More

Mortgages + Mimosas


If you are a first time home buyer, the house hunting (and house purchasing) process can be daunting. Most often, you have questions but you aren't sure who to go to for answers. Although you have Google and relying on other people who have gone through the process, buying a house is a huge investment! You want to be sure that you are getting the correct answers, and the only way to ensure that is...Read More

Vacationing on a Budget


Summertime... The time of the year when many of us take the opportunity to get away for a vacation. In fact, according to AAA, "almost 100 million Americans, or 4 in 10 U.S. adults, will take a family trip in 2019."Whether you are traveling near or far, solo or with a group, there is a lot involved in planning a trip:Where will you go? How will you get there?Where will you stay? What will you do...Read More

SSB Presents Scholarship to CAPA Senior at NSLC Awards Dinner


Above: All 2019 Scholarship Recipients at the NSLC Annual Scholarship and Awards DinnerBelow: Domenique Ross receiving her SSB Bank $1,000 ScholarshipFor the 36th year in a row, the Northside Leadership Conference (NSLC) held their annual Scholarship and Awards Dinner for Northside students, businesses, and communities on June 13th at the Priory Grand Hall. The theme for this year's dinner was,...Read More

QuickBooks Currently Unavailable


Current QuickBooks Users:Following our recent conversion, there was an issue with the transition of QuickBooks to our new system. As a result, it is not yet available for customers to utilize.Finastra and Intuit, our third-party providers, have been working diligently to remediate this issue since the initial core conversion but have not yet determined a solution that would provide current...Read More

Humans of SSB: Justin Zell and Kasey Daley with Steel City Improv


Listen. Commit. Play.Justin and Kasey are truly a passionate and invested couple, not only in their personal journey but in their business growth as well. The common thread throughout their interview was the idea of community and bringing people together through the act of improvised theater. From the very beginning, Justin and Kasey took their love for improv after meeting in New York City and...Read More

Fitness & Fuel FUNdraiser


Get your sweat on while helping fund the fight against dementia with one (or all) of these amazing classes: Yoga, Rowing, Pilates and Boot Camp! ??SSB Bank is a sponsor of this event, which raises funds for the Clear Thoughts Foundation. We're ready to sweat and hope you'll join us this Sunday, June 2! - Click for Tickets -Read More