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Consumer's Guide to Establishing Excellent Credit 


With the start of the new year, many of us have vowed to establish goals to help improve our current financial situation. Regardless of your specific goal, they all tie back to a better financial future for you and those you support. Everything you do financially ultimately ties together and can have an impact (for the better or the worse) on your goals. So if you dig down deep enough, you will...Read More

Ten Ways to Use Christmas Club Savings (That Don’t Involve Christmas)


Americans, in general, have a desire to save more. The problem? “Savings is America’s Achilles heel”, says Greg McBride, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Analyst at They need more help managing their money. Financial institutions can do more to provide products and features that allow individuals to more efficiently and proactively save their money.With our Christmas Club...Read More

Humans of SSB: Mike Joyce and Joyce, Inc.


Born and raised in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Mike Joyce has established a wealth of experience, connections and success over the years through his personal and professional endeavors. Mike’s business, Joyce, Inc., is a Pittsburgh-based web design, development, and digital marketing company supporting local businesses. Mike and his team have extensive experience in the industry. Taking on his...Read More

SSB Bank Named "Best Bank" in Northside Reader's Choice Awards


For the last four years, the Northside Chronicle has held a Small Business Reader's Choice Awards to shed light on small businesses in the Northside that make a huge impact on the community. The allow readers, community members and local, loyal Northsiders to cast votes for a few weeks leading up to the beginning of December. At that time, they announce the "best of the best" in each category....Read More

SSB Staff Give Thanks


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the people, things and opportunities that we are most thankful for. As a staff, we are most thankful for the chance to interact with and get to know our customers on a daily basis at our local branches. Additionally, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve such a strong, thriving and deep-rooted set of communities in the Pittsburgh area. Our branches in...Read More

5 Reasons to Open a Savings Account Before the Holiday Season


The new year usually triggers a reactive response from individuals who have gone a little off track for the last few weeks of the year. It is historically a time for “clean slate” mentalities and “new you” initiatives. Although most of us have the best of intentions, reactive responses often set us up for failure. In some cases, people spend weeks leading up to the new year digging themselves into...Read More

What is a VA Loan?


Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. There are many things to consider that make this process very stressful and overwhelming. If you are a veteran or serving in the military it can be more of a challenge compared to the average person. Luckily, there is a unique and powerful loan program specifically for veterans and military home-buyers: the VA loan.What...Read More

The Treats That Come With Banking Locally


As we think about Halloween costumes and trick-or-treaters, SSB Bank is focusing on the “treats” that set community banks apart and keep customers coming back for more.First, let’s look at some facts. Community bank borrowers are more successful and satisfied than those of other institutions, outperforming megabanks and online lenders, according to a Federal Reserve small business credit survey....Read More

Tips for Safeguarding Sensitive Data


In recognition of National Cybersecurity Month in October, SSB Bank and the Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA) are reminding consumers of our shared responsibility to practice strong cybersecurity habits while on the go, in the workplace and at home to avoid becoming victimized by a cyberattack.“Educating customers about account security and cyber threats is something we all must be...Read More

5 Ways to Protect Your Small Business from Account Fraud


As you may or may not know, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. In recognition of this, we wanted to take a moment to share some tips related to the security of our small business customers. Corporate account takeover is a type of fraud where thieves gain access to a business’ finances to make unauthorized transactions, including transferring funds from the company, creating and...Read More

SSB Sponsors 3rd Annual Greater Pittsburgh Community Media Awards


Since 1986, Pittsburgh Community Television (PCTV) has been offering a unique service to local individuals and non-profits- the opportunity to use television and media to better the community. From their studios on Pittsburgh's Northside, they teach people to use the media to constructively engage and enlighten Pittsburgh area residents. As a fellow, longstanding Northside organization, we enjoy...Read More

Savings Account versus CD: Which is Best for Me?


Depending on your current financial situation, your ongoing financial needs and your short-term and long-term financial goals, there are varying benefits between the many savings products out there. For example, at SSB Bank there are two savings products available for our customers: Certificates of Deposit and Savings Accounts. Both products have some similarities but they function differently...Read More

SSB Bank Partners with FHLB on Grant Supporting Behavioral Health Services


As an active member of FHLBank of Pittsburgh, we do our best to maximize our partnership not only through our lending efforts, but by finding ways to work together through their community product offerings. One product we are proud to support this year, in addition to First Front Door, is the Home4Good Grant program.Home4Good is a unique partnership between FHLBank Pittsburgh and the state housing...Read More

QuickBooks Live September 23, 2019


Following our recent conversion, there was an issue with the transition of QuickBooks to our new system. As a result, customers utilizing the QuickBooks program were unable to access their SSB account information.Beginning on Monday, September 23, Quickbooks and Quicken will be live for our customers:Quicken Direct Connect and Web Connect + QuickBooks Web Connect and QuickBooks Direct Connect...Read More

What is the Difference Between a Credit Card and a Debit Card?


Credit vs. debit is an age-old debate. Which is better? Do I need both? You may wonder if there are advantages to one over the other, or on a more basic level, what the biggest differences are between the two. There are definitely unique advantages (and some downfalls) to both types of plastic that may come into play depending on your financial situation and your spending habits. We're here to...Read More