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exterior of the ssb bank mccandless branchSSB Bancorp, Inc. is the bank holding company for SSB Bank. SSB Bank is a Pennsylvania-chartered stock savings bank headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We were originally chartered in 1922 as a Pennsylvania charted savings and loan association under the name "Slovak Savings Bank." In 1992, we converted to a mutual savings bank charter and in September 2017 we changed our legal name to "SSB Bank." 

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Corporate Governance

The directors of SSB Bancorp, Inc. are the same individuals who are the directors of SSB Bank. In addition, each executive officer of SSB Bancorp, Inc. is also an executive officer of SSB Bank and SSB Bancorp, MHC. We expect to maintain this shared management structure until there is a business reason to establish separate management structures. 

Our Code of Ethics is available for review. To report a violation of the Bank's Code of Ethics, click on the following link - (code CBFV) - or dial 1-888-845-0815, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Board of Directors

Directors of SSB Bancorp, Inc. serve three-year staggered terms so that approximately one-third of the directors are elected at each annual meeting of stockholders.


J. Daniel Moon, IV

Director Since: 2009
Current Term to Expire: 2023

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Bernie M. Simons, M.D.

Director Since: 2011
Current Term to Expire: 2023

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Vice Chairman

Mark C. Joseph

Director Since: 2009
Current Term to Expire: 2025

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Director/Audit Chair

David H. Docchio, Jr.

Director Since: 2009
Current Term to Expire: 2024

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Ken Broadbent

Director Since: 2011
Current Term to Expire: 2024

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Gretchen Givens Generett

Director Since: 2013
Current Term to Expire: 2025

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Audit/Governance Committee: David Docchio (Chairperson), Mark Joseph, and Kenneth Broadbent

Our Audit Committee Charter is available for review.

Compensation Committee: Full Board acts in this capacity.

Nominating Committee: Full Board acts in this capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is SSB Bancorp's common stock listed?
Our common shares are quoted on the OTC Pink Marketplace (OTCPK) under the symbol “SSBP.”

For more detailed stock information, please visit our NASDAQ page.

Who is the transfer agent for SSB Bancorp?
Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company is the transfer agent.

How can I request additional information from SSB Bancorp?
Please call SSB Bank at (412) 837-6955 or, use this contact form.

What is SSB Bank?

SSB Bank is a Pennsylvania-chartered stock savings bank and the wholly-owned subsidiary of SSB Bancorp, Inc. SSB Bank serves individuals and small businesses in Allegheny County and adjacent areas from its main office and branch office located in Pittsburgh.

Shareholder Services

Transfer Agent and Registrar

Continental Stock Transfer and Trust
1 State Street, 30th Floor
New York, NY, 1004-1561
Phone: 212.509.4000
[email protected] 

For information regarding SSB Bank or SSB Bancorp, please contact J. Daniel Moon, IV:

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number (Direct Line): 412.837.6969

Address: McCandless Branch, 8700 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Branch Hours: Mon.-Fri. (8:30-4:30pm) and Sat. (8:30-12:30pm)