What Community Means to SSB Bank


Since the very beginning, SSB Bank has been a true community bank.

Way back in 1922, our founders envisioned what is now SSB Bank as a way to support their neighbors. They wanted to create a long-lasting financial institution that would help Pittsburgh families succeed, help local businesses grow, and help the North Side community develop.

Through almost a century, we have pursued the exact same goals. The SSB Bank team is still deeply invested in our community and our neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and north of the city. Community is everything to us, both as a business and as individuals.

We asked our employees what "community" means to them, and these were their answers:

"My definition of community is a group of families, businesses, and individuals whose successes create synergy within the group."

"I think of community as that place where familiarity - of knowing and of being known -  makes one feel as if they belong."

"A community is a place where you know your neighbors, lending a hand when needed, community activities to form stronger bonds, working together as a team to improve and build on what is a good place to work and live."

"Community: Families, businesses, individuals, working together, building a future."

"Diverse individuals and businesses coming together with common goals and aspirations."

"Giving one's time and talent to improve the neighborhoods in which they work and play."

"An assembly of persons acting in the best interest of the whole group, rather than for self."

""A community to me is a group of people that care about each other having a common goal. A feeling of belonging, having a purpose for the betterment of the community. Building relationships, helping one another not only in time of need but anytime. A community to me is the customers we serve and enhancing their lives through our products and services.”

As we expand our presence into the North Hills, we maintain our focus on community and our dedication to helping our neighbors. No matter where you live, and no matter what support you need, SSB Bank would be honored to help you grow and flourish, in keeping with our founders' vision.