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Our Interest in Pittsburgh


pittsburgh's point state park and north shore as seen from mount washingtonWe asked our employees… what’s the most #interesting thing about living in the Pittsburgh area? 

“I think Pittsburgh is interesting because, when you live here, you get a large city with a hometown feeling.  There is nothing about Pittsburgh that is intimidating, the people are friendly, there is always something to do, and you feel like you are home.” – Pete Stires

“Wherever I travel, when I tell people I’m from Pittsburgh, I always hear, ‘Pittsburghers are the friendliest people anywhere.’” – Cheryl Paschel

“Pittsburgh punches far above its weight class in so many arts/cultural respects as seen in the comparative diversity and vibrancy of Pittsburgh arts, libraries, and museums.”- Todd Farwell

“Pittsburgh is a foodie-town. It has a wide variety of ‘mom-and-pop’ restaurants all over the city that have become legendary just solely on the intense loyalty of the people that frequent there. You are bound to find something to appease your palette in this city, and your most likely to find those hidden gems by word of mouth.” – Jessica Merolillo

“It’s the only city that is recognizable by colors (black and gold).” – Ben Contrucci

“Pittsburgh to me is great because although we live in a large city it somehow keeps it’s small town charm. I am from a very small town in eastern Pa, so to me it feels like home but, with so many  things to experience in your own back yard without driving hours.”- Shannon Grubbs

“I just find no matter where I travel or who I am talking to when I get there – all roads seem to go through Pittsburgh – with few degrees of separation.  It brings me great joy to see someone’s face light up when they tell their Pittsburgh story.  I am always reminded how I am never far from home.”- Gina Mastermonico

We can't help ourselves - we just love this place! Did we miss any reasons why Pittsburgh is an interesting city? Come into one of our branches and share your #InterestingPittsburgh stories!