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SSB Bank is your resource for all things financial. From the basics of banking and lending to current events impacting you and the financial industry, we will share that content with you. As a local community bank, we recognize the importance of providing information to the communities we serve. We want to build trust with those who seek sound and accurate insight on their financial questions and goals. Don't turn to the giants who cover a national footprint, trust your local professionals who know and understand the impact of the industry on our local economy.

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Local Teens Bring Awareness to The Importance of Financial Awareness


With so much fear and uncertainty stemming from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is no question that we have all tried to find some good news and lighthearted stories to grasp onto. From the spotlight stories of frontline heroes, to small businesses who were forced to pivot to keep their dreams...

Community: It's Not Just Part of Our Name, It's Part of Our Mission


We say it all the time... being a community bank holds significant value to us. We recognize that there is more to being a community bank than saying you're a community bank; it is important to put action behind it. Throughout the year, and especially during the holiday season, we do our best to...

COVID-19 Update: Your safety remains our priority.


December 11, 2020As many of you know, yesterday Governor Wolf announced increased safety measures to help mitigate the substantial growth in cases of COVID-19 over the last few weeks. We recognize that as difficult as this may be for many of us, especially at a time of the year that is meant to be...

Ten Ways to Use Christmas Club Savings (That Don’t Involve Christmas)


Americans, in general, have a desire to save more. The problem? “Savings is America’s Achilles heel”, says Greg McBride, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Analyst at They need more help managing their money. Financial institutions can do more to provide products and features...

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