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SSB Bank is your resource for all things financial. From the basics of banking and lending to current events impacting you and the financial industry, we will share that content with you. As a local community bank, we recognize the importance of providing information to the communities we serve. We want to build trust with those who seek sound and accurate insight on their financial questions and goals. Don't turn to the giants who cover a national footprint, trust your local professionals who know and understand the impact of the industry on our local economy.

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How to Save $1 Million for Retirement


Sleeping in late, traveling as you please, no more performance reviews... what's not to love about the idea of retirement?Although for most people retirement is the ultimate goal, you're not alone if you don't know how, if, or when you'll be able to retire. Saving money to support your family...Read More

Humans of SSB: John Patterson & Pittsburgh Community Television (PCTV)


Over the last almost eleven years, PCTV’s Executive Director, John Patterson, has devoted his passion, time and knowledge for the betterment of the organization and ultimately, Pittsburgh’s public community media. Although he is currently a devoted Pittsburgher through and through, his journey...Read More

The 5 Qualities of a Healthy and Positive Banking Relationship


Just like any relationship, there are good (and bad qualities) that you find in partners. Of course, no one is perfect... but you want to find a partner that brings more positive than negative to the relationship. We're not just talking about personal relationships, either. We are talking about the...Read More

Consumer's Guide to Establishing Excellent Credit 


With the start of the new year, many of us have vowed to establish goals to help improve our current financial situation. Regardless of your specific goal, they all tie back to a better financial future for you and those you support. Everything you do financially ultimately ties together and can...Read More

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