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SSB Bank is your resource for all things financial. From the basics of banking and lending to current events impacting you and the financial industry, we will share that content with you. As a local community bank, we recognize the importance of providing information to the communities we serve. We want to build trust with those who seek sound and accurate insight on their financial questions and goals. Don't turn to the giants who cover a national footprint, trust your local professionals who know and understand the impact of the industry on our local economy.

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5 Reasons to Choose a Community Bank for Your Mortgage  


5 Reasons to Choose a Community Bank for Your MortgageChoosing the right lender for your mortgage is a crucial decision that can have a lasting impact on your homeownership experience. While national banks may be a tempting option with flashy deals and catchy slogans, there's a compelling case for...

SSB Bank Proudly Sponsors Boy Scouts of America Troop 83's Annual Craft Show


At SSB Bank, we take great pride in being an active part of our McCandless and North Side communities. We’re committed to supporting community events and organizations that make a positive impact. Recently, we had the pleasure of sponsoring the Boy Scouts of America Troop 83's annual Craft...

Good Luck In Retirement, Margie!  


After a 28-year career in the banking industry, Margie Glassbrenner, SSB’s Vice President of Retail Banking, stepped into a well-earned retirement. A true Yinzer at heart, Margie has been a cornerstone of SSB Bank since 2005.Margie's career in the banking world has been marked by her dedication,...

You’re Invited: Shred Paper For Free & Receive Exclusive Banking Offers


You’re invited to shred your household documents for free!*Join us on Saturday, October 21 from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M. (McCandless location) to shred paper for FREE! This is our first annual shredding event and is open to everyone.On Saturday, we’ll be joined by a Shred-It truck to help you shred all of...

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