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America's Finest: Honoring Our Emergency Medical Services Heroes


In moments of crisis, they are the people we rely on, the brave individuals who rush to our aid with unwavering dedication; Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel.  We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who serve in this line of work.  

Every day, these brave individuals are on the front lines, providing vital medical care to those in need. They navigate through chaos with a calm demeanor, providing comfort and assistance when it's needed most. Whether it's responding to accidents, medical emergencies, or natural disasters, their commitment to service and compassion is admirable.

As we honor these extraordinary individuals, let us take a moment to thank them for their unwavering dedication and sacrifice. Let us recognize the invaluable role they play in our communities and express our appreciation for their selfless service.

In appreciation of our EMS heroes and all they do for our communities, we are proud to offer special rates on America’s Finest checking and savings accounts. It's our way of saying thank you to those who dedicate their lives to saving others.

To confirm interest and eligibility, start by filling out the form below or contact your local branch.   Full terms & conditions can be found at: