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The Treats That Come With Banking Locally


pumpkins with words "community banking is a treat"

As we think about Halloween costumes and trick-or-treaters, SSB Bank is focusing on the “treats” that set community banks apart and keep customers coming back for more.

First, let’s look at some facts. Community bank borrowers are more successful and satisfied than those of other institutions, outperforming megabanks and online lenders, according to a Federal Reserve small business credit survey. And we do it by staying focused on our customers’ needs, not their transaction levels.

We won’t jeopardize our hard-earned reputation by peddling goods and services our customers don’t want or need. And we don’t rely on impersonal credit scores or lend by committee, either. We bank the old-fashioned way—one customer, one loan at a time. It’s been our philosophy since the bank’s founding almost a century ago, and it continues to help us serve the unique needs of our customers today. 

Variety- The Children's Charity and SSB Bank presentation of Bike, Stroller and Communication Device to Caleb this past summer.Variety- The Children's Charity and SSB Bank presentation of Bike, Stroller and Communication Device to Caleb this past summer. It’s not just our proximity that wins us repeat business. Unlike credit unions, community banks effectively serve individuals of modest means without taxpayer-funded subsidies. SSB Bank is proud to put our tax dollars to work right here in Pittsburgh, helping to support local police and fire departments, schools and other municipal services.

We also help fortify local neighborhoods through philanthropic outreach and civic service—providing much-needed resources and attention to worthwhile causes and events.

With our branches in the Northside and in the North Hills, we put our efforts toward supporting the communities we serve. One way we do that is through our monthly Jeans Day Fund. Each of our employees, as well as our board of directors, contributes $5 a paycheck to the fund to wear jeans on Fridays, which allows us to help various charities and organizations throughout the year. For example, this year so far, we have sponsored various projects for North Hills Community Outreach, HEARTH, WORK, and Variety- The Children’s Charity with our fund. In addition to monetary donations, we have organized donation drives for various causes, collecting back packs and winter coats for various shelters in the city, food for Thanksgiving and toys for the holiday season. We are always looking for different opportunities to spread joy whenever and wherever we can.  

The treats don’t end there. Nearly one in five U.S. counties are only served by a community bank. And community banks as a whole fund more than 60 percent of the nation’s small businesses, which account for two out of three new U.S. jobs annually.

As your local community bank, we are on your corner, in your corner—for the long haul. That sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

SSB Bank is a proud sponsor to many charitable causes in the communities we serve. To see a full list of our charitable contributions or inquire about partnering with SSB in the future for an event or sponsorship opportunity, visit the Community Connections page. 

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