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Tips to Protect Against a Cyberattack from SSB


As more consumers move to online banking in the wake of the pandemic, criminals are looking for ways to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals, particularly older Americans who are often targeted by fraudsters. In fact, older Americans were particularly hard hit with total losses for those 50 and older exceeding $1.8 billion, according to FBI data for 2020.

As financial stewards of our community SSB Bank takes great care to protect customersā€™ sensitive data.  

We encourage consumers to take the following proactive measures to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of identity theft and fraud:

  • Use strong passwords, install anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware software to prevent and detect fraudulent activity. Apply software patches. 

  • Be careful with sensitive information. Do not send bank account passwords or other sensitive information over unencrypted email and try not to use public wi-fi when conducting personal business. 

  • Resist opening email attachments or clicking on links in unsolicited or suspicious looking email. Remember our bank will never email or call you and request login credentials.

To protect your account consumers are advised to: 

  • Monitor account activity regularly for transaction irregularities and report discrepancies to the bank. 

  • Back up personal information and store it safely so that in the unfortunate event of ransomware or other cyber threats you can retrieve your data.

  • Look for special indicators such as web addresses with https:// that denote extra measures taken to help secure your information. URLS that end in .BANK are assigned for exclusive use by financial institutions.

Together, we can work together to prevent fraud.