Saving For Your 2018 Vacation


Is this the year you take an exotic dream vacation? Or do you just want to have a great stay-cation in a city near you? Regardless of your plans for this summer, you can save up enough money to enjoy yourself if you start saving now!

The below chart is based on the assumption that you're planning a summer getaway, which gives you about 6 months of savings time. Use the chart to figure out how much money you could save up if you put a certain amount of money into your savings account each week!

Amount Saved Per Week

Total Amount after 6 Months

$10 $260
$20 $520
$30 $780
$40 $1040
$50 $1300

As you can see, small savings add up over time. Bonus: if you move your vacation savings into an SSB savings account, you'll be earning interest! To make the process even easier, use the SSB Mobile Banking app to schedule weekly auto-payments to yourself. Bon voyage!