No ATM Fees with SSB Bank


Some banks think you should have to pay money to get your money. We don't.

ATM fees are out of control. Bloomberg reports that for the 11th year in a row, bank ATM fees have increased for customers using out-of-network machines. In fact, fees have increased 55 percent over the past decade.

According to Bloomberg, "Pittsburgh experienced the highest average fees, with customers paying $5.19 when combined the fees charged by the ATM operator with fees from the consumer’s own financial institution."

But here's our great news: SSB Bank customers enjoy Free ATM transactions worldwide!

Personal and Business accounts receive refunds on 100% of ATM fees. That means that if you use your SSB debit card at any ATM, we will reimburse what you paid toward ATM fees.

Free ATMs is one of the many ways SSB Bank looks out for our customers. Not a member yet? Visit our Northside or McCandless branch to join the SSB bank family!

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