New! Free Coin Machine


SSB Bank is thrilled to announce our newest benefit for our deposit customers: a free coin machine!


Bring in your loose, unsorted change to our lobby and turn that change into cash or a direct deposit. The Money Machine 2 is built for unmatched speed and accuracy, making the chore of counting change a thing of the past. The money can be deposited right into your SSB account!


SSB customers and non-customers can both enjoy the convenience of this machine. For SSB deposit customers, there is NO FEE to use the machine! If you don’t have a checking or savings account, you’ll be charged a low 8% fee (up to 3% less than other public coin machines)!


So bring us the nickels under your cushions, the pennies in your car seats, the quarters in your vacation jar. In a matter of minutes, that pesky change will be transformed into money you can use! The machine is located in the lobby of our McCandless branch during normal business hours.


This is just another benefit the SSB customers can enjoy. Not an SSB customer yet? See all the benefits of trusting us for your banking needs.