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Good Luck In Retirement, Margie!  

After a 28-year career in the banking industry, Margie Glassbrenner, SSB’s Vice President of Retail Banking, stepped into a well-earned retirement. A true Yinzer at heart, Margie has been a cornerstone of SSB Bank since 2005.

Margie's career in the banking world has been marked by her dedication, exceptional skills, and the ability to make a genuine difference in the lives of her clients and colleagues alike. She spent a decade honing her skills at North Side Deposit Bank before taking some time off to raise her children. Then, in 2005, she joined the SSB Bank family, where she was an exceptional member of our team for 18 years. During those years, she served as the Area Manager for both branches and she ran the Deposit Operations for the Bank.

If you were to ask Margie to describe SSB Bank, she'd say "Individualized Approach." This phrase encapsulates SSB's commitment to tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of our customers, and it reflects Margie's approach to her work perfectly. She believed in understanding each customer's specific concerns and providing solutions that genuinely made their lives easier.

One of Margie's favorite aspects of her daily work at SSB Bank was "helping people resolve concerns quickly." It was more than just a job to her; it was an opportunity to be a problem solver and a trusted advisor. She said, “The key to my professional advancement was the ongoing commitment to learning and the seeking out of growth opportunities.” Margie's commitment to her own development not only brought her greater satisfaction in her role but also made her a more valuable asset to the bank and her team.

After 18 years at SSB Bank, it's time for Margie and her husband to enjoy life together and embark on new adventures. As she leaves SSB, Margie is dedicating herself to her role as a grandmother to three new grandchildren, bringing her total to five. While she didn't plan to be a full-time babysitter, she looks forward to spending more time with her family!

Her retirement marks the end of an era at SSB Bank, but the legacy of her customer-centric approach and dedication to growth will continue to inspire our team. Congrats and best of luck, Margie! Thanks for 18 wonderful years!