Comparing Personal Checking Accounts (and finding the right one)


Opening a checking account is one of the first steps on the road to financial responsibility. But how do you know which personal checking account is the right choice for you? Here are a few points to consider when comparing personal checking accounts.

Are there any fees?

SSB Bank's personal checking accounts have no fees. Ever. No minimum balance fees. No account maintenance fees. No "just because" fees to ruin your day. The only fee you may ever face is a standard overdraft fee if you overdraw your account.

Is there a mobile app or online banking?

SSB Bank offers both! Our clients are able to manage their accounts anywhere, anytime from their mobile phone or computer. These free tools can be used to pay bills, transfer money, deposit checks, and more.

Are there ATM fees?

Not with SSB! We reimburse you for every single ATM transaction, worldwide. That means you can access your money from any ATM anywhere, anytime (yes, even outside of the US) and we will reimburse your ATM fees by the next day.

Where are you located?

SSB has branches in the North Hills (McCandless) and in the Northside. People from all over the Pittsburgh area choose to bank with SSB because of our exceptional customer service, great perks and easy banking options.

Will my money be safe with you?

We have a 4 layer authentication system (more than the usual 3 for extra security). Also, because we know you personally, we can detect problems and suspicious activity faster than big banks.

What kind of service can I expect?

SSB Bank has been a part of Pittsburgh's community since 1922, and we try to be a good neighbor. We serve our clients with attentive, personal service -- no 800 numbers or automated customer service. When you call, you’ll get to speak with someone from our Pittsburgh branches, not an automated or overseas call center. We want our community to grow and thrive, so we empower our clients through a variety of quality banking products.


For more information, view our Free Personal Checking and Savings Account page or visit one of our bank locations.