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SSB Bank Centennial

Thank you for taking the time to celebrate an incredible milestone with us: Our 100th Anniversary!

We’ve come a long way over the last century, changing locations, expanding our team, and even adjusting our business name. But one thing we won’t ever change is our commitment to providing quality banking services for the Pittsburgh area.

Follow us on social media.  You may just see some of our favorite centennial moments posted throughout the year!

How do you stay in business for 100 years?

  • Best Rates, Friendly Service, They remember my name, Great smiles. Marion S.
  • Best Rates, WONDERFUL Staff  Stanley K.
  • Everybody is always treated with so much respect and kindness Mary Jo L.
  • The women & the people @ SSB are super friendly and helpful. Better than anyone at the big banks. Joe J.
  • Helpful people and Convenient Roger K.
  • Rates and Convenience Shirley H.
  • Has been a small business owner’s dream! They really care about you and help you grow!!! Can’t thank them enough. Darren D.